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Reflection of Recovery

home-of-new-vision-recovery I met Sherman Stennis in January of 2014. Mr. Stennis was my first client as a Peer Recovery Coach at Home of New Vision (HNV). I noticed right away that he was on fire for recovery.

Sherman has a history of over forty years in dealing with addiction. It was blatantly obvious that he was ready to change his life style so we immediately started working a viable recovery plan. He would attend a Men’s Group here at the agency that I facilitated, and attend twelve step meetings of his choice throughout the course of the week. Sherman also had an awesome team of HNV professionals working with him which included a therapist, case manager, and other supports (the professionals here at HNV love being around him because he has a very magnetic personality and has a positive impact on everyone he comes into contact with).

During the entire time, he lived in the shelter at the Delonis Center with Continue reading


A Fight Worth Getting Into!

We understand that right about now (the day before Thanksgiving), things start getting crazy. So… if you’re going to fight this holiday season, here’s A Fight Worth Getting Into!
We wish you joy, happiness and a stress free holiday!
Tons of Love,
Home of New Vision

A Fight Worth Getting Into

Stigma and Substance Use: What can we do?

Changing stigma

Let’s start with a definition. According to merriam-webster.com, “stigma is a set of negative and often unfair beliefs that a society or group of people have about something.” So, negative and unfair are the two words that jump out at me. Stereotypes are defined as unfair beliefs that all people with the same characteristic are the same. Stereotypes feed stigma, and stigma perpetuates stereotypes, and regarding alcohol and substance abuse, both clearly exist in our public policies, practices, and in our culture. Stigma is so entrenched in our culture that despite evidence that substance abuse treatment works and people do recover, the stigma continues. The impact that stigma has on people who are using substances is tremendous. Continue reading

Find Your Path to Recovery – Part 1

Currently in Washtenaw County, there are several options for individuals who are interested in recovery from substance use disorder. These options are all part of an individual’s pathway to recovery. It is vital that communities and agencies promote and support multiple pathways to recovery.

“Individuals are unique with specific needs, strengths, goals, Continue reading


OVERDOSE 101Due to the overwhelming amount of overdoses in Washtenaw County this year, this blog is intended to educate and help users with some lifesaving tips found throughout the article.

If you or someone you know is using and needs help, please contact Home of New Vision at 734-975-1602.
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