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Reflection of Recovery

home-of-new-vision-recovery I met Sherman Stennis in January of 2014. Mr. Stennis was my first client as a Peer Recovery Coach at Home of New Vision (HNV). I noticed right away that he was on fire for recovery.

Sherman has a history of over forty years in dealing with addiction. It was blatantly obvious that he was ready to change his life style so we immediately started working a viable recovery plan. He would attend a Men’s Group here at the agency that I facilitated, and attend twelve step meetings of his choice throughout the course of the week. Sherman also had an awesome team of HNV professionals working with him which included a therapist, case manager, and other supports (the professionals here at HNV love being around him because he has a very magnetic personality and has a positive impact on everyone he comes into contact with).

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The Profession of Recovery

The Profession of RecoveryAs a social work student I was amazed by the number of future professionals who had no interest in working with individuals diagnosed with substance use disorders. Now as a professional who supervises interns, I remain surprised that after almost 10 years the sentiment remains. For many years the field has been seen as a pseudo profession, one provided by individuals with big hearts and a history of use, not professionals with specific training. As a result of these views, the field has been overlooked in terms of impact on individuals, families and communities as a whole.

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